Items and Field Gear needed for Costa Rica

Cash: $100-$200 should be plenty. See FAQ for more information on Costa Rican currency.

Passport & copy (a water-proof holder for passport - Zip-lock bag works fine). Leave a copy with a friend or relative and place a copy in each travel bag.

Pre-paid international phone card (optional -limited phone opportunities).

Travel insurance (cost $30-$50) Leave insurance info with a friend or family member.

Binoculars (you can borrow a pair from BHCC), Signal whistle, Pocketknife (be sure to pack in checked baggage)

Digital wristwatch with alarm (for recording data and waking up early)


Flashlight (extra batteries – used batteries must be brought back to the states)

Headlamp (provided)

Light raincoat (poncho is better)

One sweatshirt, flannel shirt or light coat (it can be cold up in the mountains)

Journal notebook (provided) – Pencils

Textbook (provided)

Two water bottles with belt or daypack holder (water purification tablets not necessary)

Large Zip-Lock bags and heavy-duty plastic trash bags to keep luggage dry.

Insect repellent (High % “deet” for clothes – low % “deet” for skin)

Sun block – sunglasses – hat

Extra pair of prescription glasses if you wear them

Above ankle hiking boots (be sure to break-in before trip – do some heavy walking before we leave – you will be doing a lot of hiking in Costa Rica)

Comfortable shoes or sandals for around camp. Socks, Socks, Socks! – the more the better!

Nylon/fast drying clothing – three sets of pants and shirts should be enough, bathing suit, one casual outfit for farewell dinner in San Jose.

Extra sheet & towel (one set of bedding and towels provided at station)

Small box of laundry soap (low tech laundry facilities)

Hand soap, small first aid kit, and safety pins

Anti-itch cream, anti-diarrhea medication (Imodium), pain reliever, antacids

Any prescription drugs you are currently using (keep in original prescription bottle)

Optional: Above the calf slip-on rubber boots (Muck Boots)

Optional: Camera & extra charged batteries

Optional: Snorkeling gear (station has some gear)

Optional: Snacks, Trail-mix (Gator-aid mix is good for trail hikes)

Do Not Bring
Electric hair dryers, electric razors, large portable radios, laptops, DRUGS or alcoholic beverages

One bag (duffel type bag works best) to be checked in at airport (keep weight under 50 lbs as you will be lugging the bag from site to site) Airline will charge extra for overweight.

One carry on (daypack). Remember airports are very serious about what is in carry-on bags. Use common sense. Only small amounts of liquid items are permitted in carry-on. Put in small Ziplock bag. Use a small fanny pack instead of a purse.

Check the TSA website for airline traveler regulations and last minute changes.